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The Multiple-Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development (MIDFIELD) is a partnership of higher education institutions with engineering programs. MIDFIELD contains student record data from 1988–2017 for approximately one million undergraduate, degree-seeking students at the partner institutions.

This site provides access to workshop materials for studying how undergraduate students maneuver through their curricula using MIDFIELD data.

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Matthew Ohland is the MIDFIELD Director and Principal Investigator. He is Professor and Associate Head of Engineering Education at Purdue University.

Marisa Orr is the MIDFIELD Associate Director and Assistant Professor in Engineering and Science Education with a joint appointment in Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University.

Russell Long is MIDFIELD Managing Director and Data Steward. He developed the stratified data sample for the R packages used in this workshop.

Susan Lord is Director of the MIDFIELD Institute and Professor and Chair of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of San Diego.

Richard Layton is the MIDFIELD Data Display Specialist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Rose-Hulman. He is the lead developer of the R packages used in this workshop.


The MIDFIELD team has been exploring and presenting the stories in the MIDFIELD data for several years. To see a sample of our work, you can follow these links:

  • Lord SM, Ohland MW, Layton RA,and Camacho MM (2019) Beyond pipeline and pathways: Ecosystem metrics. Journal of Engineering Education, 108, 32–56, https://doi.org/10.1002/jee.20250
  • Lord SM, Layton RA, and Ohland MW (2015) Multi-Institution study of student demographics and outcomes in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the USA, IEEE Transactions on Education, 58(3), 141–150, http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/TE.2014.2344622
  • Brawner CE, Lord SM, Layton RA, Ohland MW, and Long RA (2015) Factors affecting women’s persistence in chemical engineering, International Journal of Engineering Education 31(6A), 1431–1447, https://tinyurl.com/y6jq58xh

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The following licenses apply to the text, data, and code in these workshops. Our goal is to minimize legal encumbrances to the dissemination, sharing, use, and re-use of this work. However, the existing rights of authors whose work is cited (text, code, or data) are reserved to those authors.


Funding provided by the National Science Foundation Grant 1545667 “Expanding Access to and Participation in the Multiple-Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development.”

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